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Course Information

GMLS is currently the only FIATA Validated Training Provider in South Africa authorised to deliver the FIATA Diploma Qualification. The FIATA Diploma modules will be delivered within the 2020/2021 programme, utilising a variety of methodologies.

To date, GMLS has successfully facilitated the completion of 9 FIATA Diploma intakes since 2012 in South Africa, in cooperation and under custodianship of SAAFF (the local Industry Body).

NB: The FIATA Diploma Curriculum consists of the following 14 Modules and will be assessed at a minimum of a NQF level 6.

GMLS will deliver all 14 Modules and will be assessed at a minimum NQF Level 6 

  1. Introduction to Freight Forwarding
  2. Sea Transport General
  3. Maritime Containers
  4. Multimodal Transport
  5. Air Transport
  6. Road Transport
  7. Rail Transport
  8. National International Carriage by Inland Waterway
  9. Customs Procedures
  10. Logistics
  11. Insurance
  12. Dangerous Goods
  13. Safety and Security
  14. Information and Communication Technologies in Forwarding
The breakdown of each module is per the FIATA minimum standards and this breakdown may be viewed on the assessment application questionnaire. GMLS combines certain modules and access to the training materials is provided via our Online Learner System (LMS).

 The Impact of COVID-19

Never before has TRADE been impacted as in these current times. The post COVID-19 era will be a 'new normal' with many challenges in re-establishing and developing trade. 

However, one thing is certain, Global Trade, the conduct thereof, the capacity required, the market share thereof, and the like, will not disappear. In fact, Global Stakeholders will need even greater compliance, competency and awareness, as clearly there will be an emphasis on the dynamics of change, costs and getting it right, the first time.

Therefor GMLS is excited to announce the first ever complete VIRTUAL FIATA 2020/2021 Class. 


What does this mean??

GMLS presents the Online virtual classroom (Learning Management System) for the  major duration of your course. Through its easy-to-use interface, you'll have access to a diverse variety of course content formats, including: interactive video lectures, module notes, practice quizzes, Podcasts, assignment briefs, and additional web resources, E-Modules as well as Live interactive Webinars 

Through the Online Learning System, you'll also be able to ask questions and interact with your fellow students as well as your Field Expert Trainers. If you experience any technical issues or need advice from your personal Success Advisor, you can use the "Send Message" to male contact with your support team.


Delivery Methodology & Criteria

Virtual Session or Face-to-Face sessions, every 2 weeks a via webinar. An updated planner calendar will be sent to you every two months to assist with preparation, planning and conclusion.

Preparation for FIATA Modular examinations.  There will be 8 Modular exams instead of a” once-off” exam.   Exams will be conducted electronically and via the GMLS LMS. Students with a valid IATA Dangerous Goods Certificate will be exempted from this module, however must provide evidence of such certificate. When the student passes all 8 Modules, their full compliance criteria will be submitted to SAAFF. SAAFF will contact FIATA Headquarters in Zurich to apply for the International Diploma and these will be issued electronically. SAAFF will host the graduation event.

Self-study discipline and motivation is key for a successful applicant, and the student/learner will have to spend and plan time to access the LMS weekly.

RPL evaluations and meetings will be booked separately for those students undertaking RPL,

Revision classes, may be held weekly specifically, towards the end of the course, however this will depend on the majority of the group and can be adjusted accordingly.

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