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 These subject matter experts from GMLS and will guide the course design and appear in a number of course videos, Webinars, Live Training along with a variety of industry professionals.

Mr. Reginald Moyo

Certified as an ICCSA Accredited Trainer on Incoterms® 2020 Rules
EMPRISE MATRIX – Sole Proprietor
  • Mr. Reginald Moyo

    Reginald Moyo is a seasoned professional in the field of international trade, specifically spanning all the key areas of global supply chain management. 

    He is also skilled consultant in highly specialised areas such as Customs Compliance and Special Economic Zones. 

    Reginald is an ICC accredited trainer on the Incoterms® 2020 Rules, with the International Chamber of Commerce South Africa (ICCSA), as well as an accredited Facilitator and Assessor with the Transport Education Training Authority (TETA).

     Key Personal Qualities

    • Strategic Planning and Implementation

    • Training and Consulting Services Project Management

    • Team Leadership and Training

    • Marketing and Business Development

    • Budgeting and Cash Flow Management

    • Information Technology Procurement and Deployment

    • Social Media and Website Management

    • Training Facilitation, Course and Assessment Design

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Mr. Mark Goodger

LLM Maritime Studies / Master Trainer
Global Maritime Legal Solutions (Pty) Ltd - CEO & Founder
  • Mr. Mark Goodger

    Mark Goodger, is the Chief Executive Officer of Global Maritime Legal Solutions (Pty) Ltd (GMLS) and his team of international subject matter experts, collectively have over 50 years of extensive experience and expertise in the international trade, customs compliance, supply chain and freight forwarding industries.  


    Mr. Mark collectively has an extensive experience and expertise in the International Trade, Customs Compliance, Supply Chain and Freight Forwarding environments.  Mark holds a Masters’ Degree (LLM) in Maritime Studies which he obtained from UKZN as well as several other international Qualifications such as FIATA & FIATA Higher Diplomas. 


    The combined expertise is applied successfully in GMLS to build capacity and educate trade executives, professionals, senior, and middle management in the most up-to-date global standards. 


    His passion and vision are to uplift and upskill previously disadvantaged communities on the African continent and the Middle East, with perseverance and determination. He is the pillar of our organisation and his management team, colleagues, customers and employees respect and admire his unyielding quest for excellence and perfection.

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Mr. Mano Purmasir

Master Trainer & Subject Matter Expert
Global Maritime Legal Solutions (Pty) Ltd
  • Mr. Mano Purmasir

    Having started in the freight forwarding industry in 1963 as a manifest landing order clerk – it only took a few years to become a manager and develop his skills as a freight forwarder in both import and export-air and ocean freight.


    Involved in Freight Forwarding, Imports and Exports, Customs, Logistics, Distribution and Supply Chain Management, for the past 50 years, in South Africa, Canada. and the USA.


    Appoint as the First Part-time Lecturer in 1968 for Course Structure- Maritime Shipping, Export, Import, Customs and Containerisation - Practice and Procedures, offered at/by M.L. Sultan Tech. College. Durban RSA now DUT

    Business and Educational Qualification: Bachelor of Commerce: Business Leadership and Management, Marketing Management, Global Trade Import and Export, Freight Forwarding, Customs Compliance and Logistics Educational Training, Specialist, Design and Development, TETA Assessor and Moderator. Leadership:  Subject Matter Expert, Lecturer – Facilitator, Educator, Mentor.

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Mrs. Rhoda Kellner

Global Trade and Capacity Manager
Global Maritime Legal Solutions (Pty) Ltd
  • Mrs. Rhoda Kellner

    Miss Rhoda Kellner is the Global Trade and Capacity Manager of Global Maritime Legal Solutions (Pty) Ltd (GMLS). She is focused on facilitating the IOR (importer on Record) and EOR (exporter on record) shipments and liaising with clients to meet their logistical requirements. As the top FIATA Diploma graduate of 2014 she also facilitates classes for various TETA courses and also the FIATA Diploma and Supply Chain Management courses. Having gain the FIATA Higher Diploma in Supply Chain Management she is working to bring this qualification to others in South Africa 


    15 years of experience working at leading freight forwarders has provided a wealth of practical knowledge that is brought into the classroom to add value to our students. 


    GMLS is expanding into the technological age and it is such an exciting time to be a part of this dynamic team. 


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